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I Hate Stupid Fuckers That Can’t Get It Up

OK – I’m an old fucking man and if you put a sweet piece of shaved teen pussy in front of me, my penis is gonna get fucking hard. So it’s only natural that when some redhead teen hussy drags her boyfriend to me to make a smut movie, I expect the young buck can at least get his shit hard. But, surprisingly enough, most of the guys that show up to “audition” ain’t got what it takes to be in smut. It was no different when Thena Sky brought mike for this shoot.

ThenaSky plts outdoor bloopers redhead skinny shaved

Mike is a classic example but he’s far from the only one. Of the four times I let him try, he only finished twice – and both times it was a circus trying to keep his cock hard. WTF was I thinking to give him a second chance. They needed the cash and in the end, Mike filmed me fucking his girlfriend so they could pay the rent – and hell, if you’re down with me fucking your girlfriend, bring her butt on by ;-)

You can see some of the limp-penis attempt and a few of the scenes that we made instead of shooting the limp-penis fucking boyfriends on my two amateur sex sites Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. Since I’m the lucky bastard that fucks all of the sisters on Bring Me Your Sister, you ain’t gonna see any limp meat there – although we do get a lot of smut bloopers as the brothers film their own sisters getting fucked by Mr. Richard ;-)

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Maxi Booty – Hardcore Audition

Maxi Booty has done a lot of porno but it all started in my bedroom in 2010. I met Maxi through a friend and soon we were talking about porno – she was very interested but a little afraid her father would find out but it didn’t take me long to talk this hard-bodied teenager into auditioning and the next day I was undressing her in front of a camera for the very first time. She was a little excited and very nervous – she had never let anyone film her and the excitement of being filmed while fucking made her 18-year-old pussy all wet. For those of you that don’t know Maxi – she’s a athletic teenager from Colorado Springs that started her porno Career with us where we first posted her on Bring Me Your Sister – a site where we let brothers film their own sisters fucking. But that was actually Maxi’s 2nd porno video clip. Initially she was too nervous to let her brother film her so I invited her to my pad to “practice” in front of the camera before her brother actually filmed her fucking. After we shot her for Bring Me Your Sister, we later posted Maxi’s actual porno audition on Glass Mannequin for you all to enjoy.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Auditions

Some teenagers are just naturals when it comes to sucking boner and the cute hard-bodied amateur sex Maxi Booty is one of them – this teenager knows how to suck boner and I had the pleasure of being the the lucky bastard that received her first on-camera blow job. Her flaxen curly hair lightly caressed my belly as the 18-year-old soft lips sucked my 50-year-old boner in her first old-young porn. There are lots of sets of Maxi Booty giving blow job on Glass Mannequin including her very first time so join today and download them all.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Sucks boner On Camera For The First Time

But as unblemished as this 18-year-old can suck I wanted to feel her shaved pussy sliding slowly onto my now throbbing boner. Grabbing her faultless teen booty, I slowly lowered her onto my throbbing boner – OMG – she has a tight little teen pussy.

Maxi Booty Auditions

Spreading Maxi’s Firm butt, I Lower Her Onto My boner For The First Time

It was real hard not to blow a large load of semen deep in her small little cunt but I wanted to see her with her face and titties covered in semen so at the last second, I pulled out and blew a king-sized load of hot semen all over her faultless hooters and cute teenager-next-door face. Maxi was now christened a porno-star – and her first facial was recorded for you to enjoy – download it now on

Maxi Booty Auditions

Maxi Booty Gets Her First Facial

Since Maxi really is my neighbor, and because we really do enjoy fucking each other, members of Glass Mannequin get more shoots of Maxi Booty than any other site on the internet. Join Glass Mannequin today and add her shoots to your amateur sex porno collection. Members also get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls – more Maxi Booty porno for your viewing pleasure 1tm audition blonde oldny gnd athletic maxibooty xxxp facial cumshot plts nnts teen amateur eighteen

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Fucker Filmed His Sister – Anistaija

There’s something fundamentally wrong with a guy that will shoot his sister fucking but that’s just the kind of guy that the folks at Bring Me Your Sister look for when recruiting new smut talent. Bring Me Your Sister is one of Glass Mannequin Production (GMP) premier members sites and it’s the only site that features Anistaija’s brother filming her fucking. Skinny teen amateur sex Anistaija is one of smut’s hottest amateur sex smut models and she’s willing to try pretty much anything in front of the camera. Her terrific natural melons, her innocent smile, her sweet shaved cunt and her terrific little butt all come together to make her a terrific fuck. See it all on Bring Me Your Sister

Of course, Ryan wanted a few closeups of his sister’s pussy and he wasn’t a bit shy about getting close as she was bent over the bed and took Papa’s erection from behind.The film he got of his sister’s shaved pussy was spectacular and well worth the price of a membership to see it up close and personal. Watching this teenage ink bitch get fucked is fun enough, watching her brother shoot her fucking is even funner.

Ryan Gets Close And Films His Sister's Pussy

Ryan Gets Close And vids His Sister’s Pussy

Such a small teen taking such a jumbo erection – there should be a law against that – and maybe there should be a law against her brother filming it too – but who needs new laws anyway? If you long for to see of Anistaija’s hot hardcore, lesbo, orgy and masturbation films, you can only do it by joining one of GMP’s site – Real Colorado Girls, Bring Me Your Sister or Glass Mannequin – join today and get unlimited access to all three amateur sex smut sites as a bonus to our blog readers.

Free Hardcore smut Tours: Glass MannequinReal Colorado GirlsBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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Eden’s Prom Queen Photograph!

Hot tattooed brown haired in stockings flashes her firm tits and shaved little pussy tattooed brunette panties shaved bnts sfm
Eden wanted to relive her teenage years, so she dressed up in her pretty, innocent pink prom dress and pretty, innocent prom tiara and did a little photo shoot. But everyone knows prom queens aren’t innocent…they’re sluts – that’s how they win prom queen! And since Eden was trying to relive her teen days as accurately as possible, her clothes might’ve been innocent, but this photo shoot was anything but…


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Real Homemade Massage Sex Video

I just dug up a few super sexy films from another homemade massage sex clip that Indica Young made with a friend. India Young is a super sensual petite blonde that, as you can see in the free films, absolutely loves sex  – you can find the full version of this homemade shoot only on Glass Mannequin – where you’ll find more movies of this sensual petite teen. In this first films, Indica shows what a tease she can be, teasing the old man until he had a full pecker than taking the towel away to expose his throbbing dick.

In the second film, she not only teases the older man with her fingers, she also wraps her soft lips around the old man’s fat cock and jives him the head of his life taking his fat cock deep in her throat without gagging. Download the clip now – only on Glass Mannequin.

Then, taking the old guy’s fat cock in her hand, she guides it slowly into her itty bitty teen pussy then riding his cock like a real pro. One thing I love about this amateur sex mom model is hr smile. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a teenager that had such a fuckable smile – only on Glass Mannequin.

Real homemade sex films of local teenage teens – brought to you by the perverts at Glass Mannequin, Real Colorado Girls and Bring Me your Sister.

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Richard Nailder And Kaydence Skye

I just posted a new gallery of Richard Nailder fucking Kaydence Skye in her first sister smut movie. Kaydence was a lot of fun to fuck – this 18-year old redhead with braces has the cutest smile, a superior little round ass and a small little shaved pussy that one doesn’t easily forget.  If you like innocent teens with wet little cunts then you will love Kaydence as much as I did.

In this pic, I’m grabbing Kaydence’s round teen booty as I thrust my meat deep in her superior little teen pussy. The best part is her own brother was filming us as I annihilated her small little cunt with my throbbing old meat. You can see the entire old-n-young sister smut movie by visiting Bring Me Your Sister today.

KaydenceSkye and RichardNailder teen amateur braces sisp xxxp plts athletic tattooed booty gnd eighteen

Kaydence Skye and Richard Nailder

Fucking Kaydence Skye

Fucking Kaydence Skye

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Sweet Teen Pussy – Butterfly Haze

So boys, you feeling misbehaving? So am I so I had a few images taken of my sweet pussy – and my friend put them all on the internet at where you can see them all. In this set, I was real horny so I fingered my sweet teenager pussy until I was just on the brink of a massive orgasm then I stuffed half my hand into my pussy and came so hard it took me a few minutes to catch my breath. I know, I’m a misbehaving little bimbo but I love sex and I like to be watched as I masturbate. If you long for to see more of my misbehaving sex pictures, then click on my pic and become a member – then you get to see me fucking teenagers and guys in addition to flashing my teenager butt and playing with my sweet teenager pussy.

ButterflyHaze Spreads Her Shaved Teen Pussy gnd booty shaved Latina brunette sfm

Nasty Butterfly Haze Spreads Her Pussy

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Perverted Neighbor Teen – Hollie Marie

Hollie’s mom is always sending her over to the neighbors abode to borrow things. What Hollie’s mom doesn’t know is that Hollie always gets a little something for herself from the old guy that lives next door. Now I’m not sure if it’s because Hollie is just a errant teenager cum dumpster or if Hollie Marie likes to get screwed by an older man once in a while but I do know that this errant teenager cum dumpster keeps sneaking around the neighborhood fuckin as many of the old guys as she can.  Lucky for us, one of them has a camera. You can see the movie on Real Colorado Girls

HollieMarie skinny blonde teen tits boobs pierced shaved tattooed outdoor xxxp pbts gnd pufp oldny lbts

Nasty Neighbor Girl

Now I know that we all wish that the teenagers in our neighborhood were all as errant as Hollie but at least you can watch some pretty good movie of this errant teenager cum dumpster sucking and fucking her neighbor. At only 19, Hollie isn’t used to being fucked by good-sized boners so it takes a little effort for her to get all of his dick inside her dainty teenager pussy but she winces and takes all of his dick. You really will like the part where he’s fucking her hard and she’s flinching in pain every time he rams his throbbing dick deep in her dainty little cunt.  See the movie here:  Real Colorado Girls – and get free access to two more exclusive amateur sex teenager porno sites.

Hollie Shows The Neighbor Her Pierced Teen Pussy

Amateur Hollie Marie Shows The Neighbor Her Shaved and Pierced teenager Pussy

Damn – I just looked back at her dainty cunt with that piercing on her dainty clit and the fat little pussy lips. This teenager was made for fucking. Add to that, the fact that Hollie has a pair of the firmest natural cans and the best dainty teenager ass that I have ever seen. I’m going to finish up here and wank to her movie – and with any luck, she’ll move to my neighborhood ;-)

You can wank to Hollie’s movie by joining any one of these amateur sex teenager porno sites : Glass MannequinReal Colorado GirlsBring Me Your Sister – all three sites – one low price.

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Hot Dark Haired Amateur Sex Smut Starlet

Autumn showed back up up at my door a few weeks back wanting to do another smut set and I for one was excited to have this hot brunette teenager back for some more softcore and hardcore fun. Over the next few days, we shot three more shoots of this sweetheart. One sex-sex-toy movie where Autumn tried out the Glass Mannequin dildo for the first time, fucked me in a hot hardcore movie, and then I invited Autumn over for a hot threesome movie with Hannah and I.

NaughtyLittleHannah AutumnBreeze brunette teen bbg orgy skinny shaved bfc gnd plts

Autumn – First Time smut Model

Hanna had already looked at Autumn’s first ever smut video clip and was real excited to get the chance to fuck Autumn. She even joked that they looked enough like sisters. Now damn, everyone know I like fucking sisters and these teens really did look a lot alike – but then again, since they are both 18 years old, they can’t be sisters – unless they were twins ;-) .  Just imagine what it would be like to have these sexy lookalike teenagers sucking your boner and fucking you till you shot hot jizz deep inside their tight little teenage pussies and all over their pointy teenager hooters and cute tanned faces.

Autumn and Hannah Kissing

Autumn and Hannah Kiss Each Other For The First Time

Let me tell you, these teens know how to please a man and both of them had super tight teenager pussies to go along with their hard teenager hooters and their firm little asses. The also did a pretty good job of sucking boner and licking pussy. So – to make a long story short, we filmed Autumn in three more smut video clip and will be posting them on Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado teens. Add this to Autumn’s first ever smut video clip that she made to pay her brother back for the cars she wrecked that you can see on Bring Me Your Sister. Autumn’s sick brother pimped her out and now she comes back for more smut – you gotta love the vengeance of a pissed off brother.

Autumn Licks Hannah's Pussy

Autumn Licks Hannah’s Wet teenager Pussy

The good news is that now you can get unlimited access to all three sites and see all the smut that this hot teenage teenager has ever made. Check her out today at

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Semen In His Sister’s Teen Cunt

Last week I showed you most of the video scenes of me fucking Kaydence Skye as her brother filmed it – this week, I’ll let you see me cumming all over her shaved little cunt then stuffing my erection back in her tight little cunt and finishing my orgasm – creampie style. If you desire to know the entire story on how I got to fuck this tattooed teenager cheerleader, you’ll have to read the earlier posts but let me just say, she’s as fun to watch as she is to fuck – you can even ask her brother because he was the one holding the camera only inches from his sister’s little cunt as I fucked her tight little pussy.  Hell – you can download the entire scene on Bring Me Your Sister and enjoy more than these pissy little teasers.

KaydenceSkye petite redhead amateur teen tattooed braces plts sisp xxxp gnd

In fact – there are a ton of hot “sisters” being filmed by their brothers in their very first smut scene on my site – Bring Me Your Sister – no where else can you see such kinky family sex – where brothers pimp their sisters out in their very first smut scene just to get a little vengeance. And yes, I’m pretty sure thses brothers all go house and jerk off to their sister’s films. After all, it’s the closest you can legally get to your sister’s pussy – visit Bring Me Your Sister to see more hot sister smut.

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