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Honey Dew

I was digging in my archives when I found these exclusive scene caps of the cute dark haired Mexican Girl teenager Honey Dew in her first porno film. Honey was an 18-year old freckled girl with auburn hair and the cutest smile I had ever seen – she was also the first model I ever shot in a hardcore lesbo film. These exclusive photograph are from Honey’s first time on camera in her first on-camera lesbo experience that I shot for Glass Mannequin – you can see the full film there.

Honey Dew - Lesbian Porn Audition

Honey Dew – lesbo porno Audition

Of course, the teenagers didn’t start out with the cunt munching, the film started with some pretty passionate girl-on-girl kissing, the two teenagers swapping spit in Honey’s first clip involving another girl. These teenagers are enjoying what they are doing and it shows.

Honey Dew - First Kiss On Camera

Honey Dew – First Kiss On Camera

If you like wet hair, wet teenagers and wet pussy then you are going to love this amateur sex lesbo porno audition film. I’m not sure if it’s the way the teenagers giggle when they try out a new sex toy or the lipp-biting orgasm that Honey has as her girlfriend shows off her cunt munching skills. You tell me – download the film at Glass Mannequin, then comment on this post and tell me what you think. But first, two more photograph of the skinny Mexican Girl teenager with the cute smile, adorable freckles and the perfcet teen rack.

Honey Dew - First Dildo Scene

Honey Dew – First sex-toy Scene

There’s nothing like wet lesbo sex and these scene caps show how hot two teenage teenagers can be if left alone to pleasure themselves. Join Glass Mannequin to download the full film.

Honey Dew - First On-Camera Orgasm

Honey Dew – First On-Camera Orgasm

If you enjoyed these scene caps of Honey Dew in her lesbo porno audition, then Join Glass Mannequin and see every porno film this cute teen ever made.

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Papa Pounded Her Little Pussy – Part Three

I thought you all would like to see the last of the real homemade sex clips that papa made of himself fucking the 18 year old neighbor girl Thena Sky.  In the full clip, posted on Glass Mannequin, you get to see papa shoot a big load of hot sticky jizz all over Thena Sky’s tight teenager belly as she giggles like a high school tramp.  You can get a pretty good idea of how fun Then is from these homemade video clips but the full clip is MUCH better – trust me.

thenasky amateur teen eighteen skinny plts xxxp shaved brunette richardnailder oldny

So get off your butt and check out all the hot amateur sex clips on Glass Mannequin and for signing up through my blog, you get full access to two additional amateur sex hardcore sites at no additional charge. You can thank me later ;-)

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Fuck Hussy Indica Young

Most teenagers like sex but only a true fuck-bimbo like Indica Young can fuck for hours and still come back for more. Sure she looks harmless enough but if you’re not careful, this innocent-looking sandy teenage mom will do her best to fuck and suck you to death….. and I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing ;-) .  You can see more of Indica on Glass Mannequin.

Fuck Slut Indica Young indicayoung blonde petite amateur teen hym xxxp oldny gnd shaved forgasm

Fuck bimbo Indica Young

This is the sweet little pussy that has me so addicted to Indica – this teen can milk a meat dry like no other and I keep coming back for more. When I joined Glass Mannequin I learned that I also got access to Real Colorado teenagers and Bring Me Your Sister and that this misbehaving small mom was on all three – in fact, my pass included access to every smut Indica had ever made.  Trust me, once you’ve seen this teen fuck, you’ll hunger for to see more.

Fuck Slut Indica Young

Fuck bimbo Indica Young

What a superlative pussy – I can only imagine how it would feel to have this small sandy riding my meat reverse-cowgirl so when I downloaded the full clip I locked my door, grabbed some lube and pretended it was my meat she was riding – her superlative little pussy pulsating on my meat as she climaxed over and over again – just like in the clip.

Fuck Slut Indica Young

Fuck bimbo Indica Young

See all of fuck-bimbo Indica Young’s smut by joining Glass Mannequin today.

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Kissing Lesbos

If you like to watch kissing lesbos, then you’re going to love watching the short Latina eighteen year old Honey kissing her girlfriend, Rene. As I said in earlier posts, these teen cunt munchers had been together before but has never let anyone shoot them before. In fact, the only place you can watch the entire film these girls kissing in on Glass Mannequin. In fact, we have a lot of perfect amateur sex teen lesbos kissing and fucking on Glass Mannequin visit today to see our newest lesbian updates,

HoneyDew ReneKeith lcm gkg shaved tattooed brunette

As always, stay posted for more unequaled homemade smut – or you can always check out my members sites for all the exclusive pussy you want. Bring Me Your Sister, Real Colorado Girls and Glass Mannequin – join one and get the other two free.

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Kaydence Sky Sister Porno

Kaydence Sky had already done a smut clip with her brother but some girls just don’t learn that fucking your brother over is a bad thing to do – especially if he has the number to the guys at Bring Me Your Sister. This was actually Kaydence’s second sister smut clip and as in the first, the petite redhead teen with braces had pissed her brother off and he was more than ready to pimp his little sister out again – thing is – I think the little bitch enjoyed it!In fact, from the smile on her face, I’m pretty damn sure the little cutie loved getting fucked on camera – even if it was her brother was doing the filming.

gnd braces kaydenceskye redhead teen amateur

Kaydence Skye Smiles At Her Brother

OK – relax, Kaydence didn’t fuck her brother but she did let her brother video her fucking the old bastard Richard Nailder from Bring Me Your Sister and he did keep the coin Richard paid him for his sister’s ideal little teen pussy. But seriously, if the little slut didn’t love fucking older men, why did she piss her brother off enough that he pimped her out again? If it’s not that, then maybe it’s that she likes the fact that her own brother is just inches away from her tight little teen cunt with a camera – filming her having sex.

sisp xxxp Kaydence Skye panties teep pierced tattooed

Her Brother Filmed Her Fucking

Of course, if you hunger for to see the dirty old man peel back her panties and expose her clean shaved teen pussy, you’ll have to check out the entire clip on Bring Me Your Sister.

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Naughty Teenagers Gratify Their Fantasies

Some people believe that fantasies bring nothing good and some people think that life is not good without dreams. These nasty teenagers believe that only crazy fantasies spice their sex games. They even can orgasm when simply talking about their desires.

blonde amateur teen xxxp plts petite shaved

They are loose and freethinking and are not shy of revealing their dirty thoughts to each other. Sex-frenzied teenagers even do not need to enjoy foreplay, as those dirty talks excite them to the limit. Full length downloadable video is waiting for all addicts of crazy sex actions at

Watch young boys and teens make love on a first date

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Pretty In Pink Gloves!

panties shaved goth brunette sfm
Amateur brunette sex model Sexy ass Holly D has some amazing, hot pink gloves and black and pink undies that look really 80s. I need to go to the UK and do some shopping with her because I could really use a pair of these gloves myself. Well anyway, here is another hot photo set of Holly D fingering her shaved teen pussy that was taken on my mini-vacation in Paris. I hope you like her masturbating! Cheers!

MORE ALT smut pics HERE

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Aerynn Black Cunt-muncher Sex With Josie Joe

Sexy punk teenager Aerynn Black was feeling naughty and decided to visit her friend Josie Joe for a little round of hot cunt-muncher sex. The girls had been fuck-buddies for some time and both would stop by on occasion for a booty call and often film it to put on Glass Mannequin or Real Colorado Girls, amateur sex smut sites that feature tons of naughty cunt-muncher girls fucking for the camera. Of course, not everyone can love kissing and fucking their teen as much as these two naughty cunt-muncher teenagers do but what they hell – that makes it more fun to watch.

gnd amateur booty brunette teen hym nnts tattooes pierced aerynnblack josiejoe lesbian

Aerynn Visits Josie

Now that we’ve established that these naughty teenager like to kiss, let’s take a look at one of the pictures from the lesbian video. In this picture, the two tattooed punk teenagers are kissing in front of the living room window. Of course, it doesn’t take long for the two cunt munchers do do more than kiss each other….

gkg josie joe aerynn black brunette lesbian

Aerynn Kissing Josie

Soon Aerynn had Josie’s face buried in her crotch and her marvelous cunt-muncher booty pushed up  in the air. Aerynn’s marvelous pointy fun bags with their pieced nipples bounced as her girlfriend licked her shaved cunt. Moaning in pleasure the brunette teenager arched her back and shuttered in pleasure as she reached orgasm  – again the girls kissed then Aerynn pealed Josie’s thong off and returned the favor by running her tongue up her thigh and then deep into her wet teenager cunt – then up to her clit where she licked the swollen bud while stuffing one, then two fingers deep into Aerynn’s tight little cunt.

lcm josie joe aerynn black panties tattooed booty

Lesbian Cunt Munchers Aerynn Balck and Josie Joe

Aerynn’s stomach flexed as she arched her back and felt her girlfriends warm tongue dart back and forth on her now engorged, tingeing clitoris. Her kegel muscles flexed, squeezing Josie’s fingers tighter as The skinny tattooed teenager thrust them deeper into her girlfriend’s now dripping snatch. Aerynn moaned again and held her breath as her friend thrust ther fingers deep into her pulsating cunt. Holding her breath, Aerynn climaxed in waves then collapsed on the couch in ecstasy.

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Maddy’s Fat Pink Pussy

Everyone that knows me knows that I love pink pussies an one of my favorite pussies belongs to the sexy redhead teenager, Maddy Marks. teens do smut for different reasons and Maddy is all about the bucks – sure she had a lot of fun but her little pussy was so small that it always hurt a bit when I fucked her – not so much that she couldn’t tolerate it – but enough that if she were fucking for fun, she would have chosen a guy with a smaller schlong – yes there is hope for the average guy ;-) . That said, Maddy is a top-notch teenager and a lot of fun to fuck.You can see all of her clips by joining Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Redhead Maddy Marks

Teen Redhead Maddy Marks

But I promised to show you photograph of her puffy pink pussy ;-) . This pic is actually from her first-ever smut film and it was the first time I had ever seen her immaculate little cunt. Glass Mannequin teenager Maddy Marks had been a naughty teenager and deserved a good whoopin so I pulled off her jeans and proceeded to give her a proper whoopin – problem was, I kept getting distracted by her immaculate pink pussy. It looked so sweet that I could hardly wait to taste it………..

My First Glimpse Of Maddy's Puffy Pink Pussy

My First Glimpse Of Maddy’s puffy Pink Pussy

And yes – Maddy’s pink puffy pussy tastes as good as it looks…..  Maddy was soon sucking my cock in a lazy but comfortable 69 position with her immaculate pink pussy directly in my face —- spreading her round butt cheeks, I tasted her wetness for the first time as the teen redhead lowered her pink pussy onto my waiting tongue for the first time.

Maddy's Puffy Pink Pussy

Maddy’s puffy Pink Pussy

Maddy only did smut with us – so members of Glass Mannequin get to download all of her clips so join today!

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Poor Bastard Couldn’t Jizz

Now what kind of guy signs up to be in a porno movie and then can’t finish? Well this dumb fucker thought it was cool to have a few shots before the shoot (pun intended) and then he couldn’t finish. Now I don’t know about you, but if you throw a unsurpassed teen cunt in front of me, I’m gonna hammer that pussy and spray my hot cum all over her titties – but that’s just me.

AbreSpencer JosieJoe amateur teen 1tm brunette bloopers bnts xxxp shaved gnd

Trent was supposed to catch Abre playing with her sextoy and then fuck her till they both climaxed in unison – or that’s the way it was supposed to work. Abre did a stellar job of sucking the dumb bastards dick and at least he got it hard (we had to cut out a few minutes where I wasn’t sure). Josie was on camera so the stupid fucker should have forgotten about his nerves and just fucked the little cunt. I know you would have!

Making Their First Porn

Josie did get some pretty hot head footage – as Abre gave Trent a pretty damn good sloppy blowjob. She kept the camera close enough that we don’t have to see to much of the drunk fucks face but he kept kicking the camera and then making stupid comments about it. Guess bing a porno star isn’t as simple as he initially thought.

Teen Cock Sucker

But then – I like closeups – and I don’t care if it’s a closeup of a awesome head or a closeup of some misbehaving teens dainty cunt taking a hard dick on camera for the first time. At least Trent got it hard – but the poor girl was all fucked out and he was still hours away from anything that resembled an orgasm. He did get plenty of fucking in – hammering her dainty teen cunt for a good 45 minutes. Josie was getting tired of holding the camera and Abre was getting tired of the stupid fuck on top of her.

Fuck Her Tiny Cunt

It did turn out to be a pretty hot shoot, thanks in no itty bitty part to the to the sexy girls. And if you like to see a awesome teen cunt giving real good fellatio – then be sure to check this and all of our first-time amateur sex porn out – only at

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