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Small But Kinky Teen Floozy

They say that sluts usually are curvy and plump, as only they can take dongs into their holes without any problems. This teen hussy is a petite one but she is hot as hell and blessed with a wild temper.

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She claims that she can handle erection of any size without any problems and she proves that with a crazy action that she and her lover perform on camera. It seems that she surrenders to the stud and allows him to do everything he wants but she rules the fucking process and grants strong orgasms to both of them. Download the full length scene at and see that with your own eyes.

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I Film Myself – Butterfly Amateur Sex Clip

I love to fuck dirty old men and I love to video it because I know they will jerk off to my homemade sex movies after I’m long gone. In this clip, I was visiting an older man (48 or 49) that lives just up the street from me. We started talking and before you know it, we were fucking on his kitchen table as I held the camera and he hammered his thick penis deep in my wet teenager pussy. Feeling his huge penis in my tiny teenager pussy as his balls slapped my butt was a real turn-on – in fact, I came three times before I left the neighbors place and went abode. My pussy was a little sore but I was happy amateur brunette teen voyeur plts shaved gnd athletic butterflyhaze pierced xxxp     You can see my clip on Glass Mannequin.
Kisses, Butterfly

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Real Colorado Girl – Phoenix Fernandez Masturbates

Phoenix Fernandez is a local Mexican Girl girl that was just a bit curious about one of the sex toys I had lying around the home so when she kept teasing me about trying it out, I agreed – on one condition – that she do her first porno video clip while testing the new sex toy. This 18-year old hot young mom was very nervous about getting unclothed in front of the camera but she soon relaxed and was fucking herself like she was all alone. Her whopping natural tits and her clean shaved pussy were bared for the first time for the world to see.  If you ask me, Phoenix should go all out in porno but who knows – this local amateur sex girl may be too shy to be a porno star. So enjoy her porno audition and to see more, please visit Real Colorado Girls and see phoenix and her amateur sex friends fucking and sucking on camera for the first time.

Phoenix Fernandez Porn Audition

Phoenix Fernandez porno Audition

Phoenix started out slow but was soon stuffing a glass sextoy deep in her shaved teen cunt as she worked her puffy clitoris with the vibrating egg. To see her entire porno audition visit Real Colorado Girls

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Teen amateur sex Phoenix Fucking herself

Eighteen year old Phoenix Fernandez auditions – Real Colorado Girls

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Rubella’s Bathroom Debauchery

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I was so happy that Rubella came down for the the Burning Angel NYE Party this year!!! She definitely partook in some debauchery that night…maybe even in the bathroom. Judging from this photo set…bathrooms really bring out the naughty side of Rubella.

MORE ALT smut images HERE

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Sex For Scholarship – Leah Wilde

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Our fuckumentary was not doing fabulous. It sucked. Andrew and I got turned down a dozen times already but what the fuck we needed a teen landing strip. Before we lost all our hope we did our last rounds in the campus. Jackpot! I saw a sweet looking sandy all alone on the bench. I took my camera with me and introduced myself to this coed. Leah Wilde asked me wtf was going on. I told her I was having this documentary thing about broke college girls. She told me she was one. She was working part time in the campus but it was never enough for her new books. Leah was just 18, a sophomore, and she had a tight fuckable body. She looked damn immaculate. I offered her coin but she played coy. Damn it. Finally, she took my bait and we went to Andrew’s dorm. She stripped right away, shook her plump cheeks and showed her small tits. Andrew jumped beside her, sucked her boobs and flicked her fat coed pussy until he was hard enough to fuck her. Catch Leah Wilde fuck for books when you DOWNLOAD her full vid ONLY at

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Are You Really Gonna Pimp Me?

My brother’s a erection-sucker. Sure I fucked my brother’s football jersey up but that gave him no right to pimp me out as retaliation. But sure enough, without telling me, he took me to this old pasty white dude’s apartment and told me I had to fuck the pasty old fucker or he would kick my butt. It’s bad enough fucking a guy over twice my age but fucking him while my brother filmed it was really fucking sick.

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Pimping My Little Sister

I don’t think my brother pimped me out as retaliation – I think my brother really just wanted to see his sister nude, with her legs spread and a good-sized erection buried deep in his sister’s little pussy – sick fucker. In fact, I think he did it so he could return to and show the video clip of his sister fucking to all his friends – what kind of loving brother would show vids of his sister taking a good-sized hard erection in her small little pussy to his friends?

Filming My Sister

Filming My Sister

Well, my sick fucking brother would – not only did he video me fucking, he got plenty of closeups of my little teen pussy taking the old guy’s good-sized erection. My brother must really be into “sister porn” for him to humiliate me like this. Of course, I don’t have to tell my brother that i kinda liked the guy’s erection in me. In fact, I really enjoyed having him ram his erection deep in my pussy as he played with my fat clitoris. I almost forgot my brother was filming me as I had my first orgasm.

Fucking His Sister

Fucking His Sister

I didn’t tell my brother, but after all the excitement of having him video me in my first porno video clip, I decided to do a few more hardcore fuck vids with the old guy at, He put these on his other sites for you to enjoy.  Of course, you can see the entire video clip that my brother made of me by visiting and for a short time, you get full access to all the sites I’ve ever appeared on – see me sucking erection, eating pussy, and playing with sex toys.

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Ace @
I love Ace. He’s so funny. I came in on him looking through the phone book. He was having a hard time trying to find a number for a "black penis floozy" in the colossal yellow book. He was in the right place… but the closest he found was black light. And he doesn’t need one of those. In fact isn’t that a double negative or something? Anyway I give him a few suggestions like escort or porno. But there’s nothing there either. Ace thinks he finds the answer when he looks for "white sluts that suck black cock" but nothing was there either. But he wasn’t being very smart because I was sitting right next to him. So he already had one of the biggest black penis sluts sitting right next to him. DUH! So after I bring this to his attention he is very happy. And you know I am happy. Anything that’s colossal and black and that’s a cock, I love. I show Ace how much I love his colossal black cock too. And he shows me how much he loved my tight little white pussy when he shoot a king-sized load of black seed all over my face. If you guys are looking in the phone book, look under the T section for Thomas and find me or Spring and we can take care of you. Only if you’re black though. XOXO – Katie
Ace Ace
Visit, sister of the famous Spring Thomas | Ace

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Free Sister Porno

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I just put a bunch of free porno pics of Kirstoff’s little sister Butterfly getting fucked by that old pervert PapaGMP up. It wasn’t so bad that the old bastard fucked her but that her pervert of a brother filmed her getting screwed – all because he caught her fucking his wife. Some brothers will do anything for a little revenge.

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Now Butterfly is as cute a teenager ink-slut as you’ll ever see but she really prefers to fuck girls – having to fuck this old guy probably wasn’t on her list of things-to-do that week but her asshole of a brother wanted to see here fucked so the little pervert drug her butt to Papa’s pad. Papa did a pretty good job of grudge-fucking Butterfly and Kirstoff was happy to see his little sister hurting as Papa slid his mammoth boner in and out of her petite teenager cunt.

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Papa finished by shooting a large load of hot semen all over the butterfly tattoos on Butterfly’s belly. Then he paid Kirstoff for his sister’s porno video and gave him a copy of the tapes. I’ll bet the sick fucker jerks off to the clip he made of his little sister getting fucked by the old man. Hell, I did why shouldn’t he? If you long for to see a few more free porno pics of Kirstoff’s little sister, CLICK HERE.    Or see all the images and movies at

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Richard Nailder Turns 50

Someone asked me the other day what it was like to be getting older. My immediate answer was “it’s better than the alternative”  – but seriously, my 50th year started out better than I ever could have imagined – with a surprise orgy put on by three of my favorite Glass Mannequin girls – Indica Young, Maxi Booty and Gracelynn Moans. Indica has had a key for a while and so the girls were waiting at my place when I got abode. They had put up birthday balloons and were waiting in their pajamas for me to get abode.

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Richard’s Surprise Party

I relaxed with the girls for a bit and made sure I took a few images of the teenagers with my phone so I could share them with my friends. Maxi had grabbed a camera to make our homemade video and was in the corner filming me with her friends as I snuggled with the teenage girls. As much as I love girls in pajamas, I was very happy when then the girls decided that they wanted their pajamas off and soon they were running around unclothed – showing off their exceptional little butts and shaved little cunts – just begging me to fuck them all.

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Birthday Pictures

The neighborhood girls started out by taking turns sucking my 50-year-old penis and I doubt there are better amateur sex cocksuckers anywhere in my neighborhood. Indica does this thing with her tongue when she gives felatio that drives a man crazy but I refrained from filling her mouth with jizz until I had the chance to stuff my fat old penis deep in each of their wet little teenager cunts.

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Two teenagers Sucking An Old Man’s Cock

In this picture, Gracelynn was holding the camera as Maxi played with her wet little cunt and Indica was climaxing while riding my fat penis – I was a little surprised to see Maxi so eager to fuck the other girls as she always said she wasn’t lesbo – but I guess even the straightest girls love pussy when the mood is right. Of course, Gracelynn and Indica are very bisexual and both of them love a wet pussy as much as they love a hard penis – this just contributed to the fun we had in this old-and-young orgy.

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Richard Nailder Gets His Birthday Present

Of course – watching the video on Glass Mannequin is a lot more fun than just looking at a few images so join today and get free access to two additional teenager amateur sex sites for the same price.

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Brother Vids Sister In Her First Smut Vid

Tommy’s sister had pissed him off and owed him a  lot of bucks and he had had enough – that’s when he saw my add in the paper – “Has your Sister ever wrecked your ride, trashed your apartment, fucked your friend – and never paid you back? Getting “Paid Back” has never been so sweet!” – he decided to get even – and film his little sister in her first porno video. Lucky for me, his sister has a perfect set of natural fun bags and a clean shaved clam.

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Film Your Sister

Maddy Marks was a little shocked when I handed the camera to her brother and told her that she would be fucking the old man as punishment – but what could she do, she had trashed his guitar by drawing on it with a sharpie – fucking twit drew little schlongs with wings all over his prized bass guitar and he was not letting her leave until she paid him back. Secretly, I think he wanted to see his sister having sex too – but he never would admit that but he did get plenty of good closeups of his sister sucking cock and of her shaved teenager pussy.

Sister Sucking Cock

Sister Sucking Cock

In fact, this naughty brother had no problem filming his sister as she rode my throbbing boner on the couch. His sister’s tight teenager pussy sliding up and down on my boner as he filmed from below. The angles he got are killer with tons of good sister fucking video clip. It was a little weird for her having her brother right there as she fucked but she did a perfect job taking my boner deep in her wet teenager cunt.

Sister Porn

Sister Porn

If you yearn for to see Tommy’s sister dodge cum, then you need to check out her first porno video clip on  I do have to say that Maddy had such a good time fucking the old man that she came back and I fucked her in again. I’ll be putting that video clip up on Real Colorado Girls very soon. If you yearn for to shoot your sister, visit and drop me an email.

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