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Dude – Your Sister Has A Tight Little Cunt

Dude, I thought  your sister had a tight little cunt when I first fingered her pussy but damn homie, her fat muffy is not only sexy as hell, it’s one tight little fucker. In fact, I bet you are wondering what it feels like to ram your erection seep in your own sisters pussy – but you’ll just have to trust me on this one – since it’s just not right for a brother to be fucking his own sister. That’s what you brought the little harlot to me in the first place. You were all pissed off at her and you wanted to see her grudge-fucked by an old fart so you drug the young slut to me and said “homie – fuck my mischievous little sister”

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So that’s what I’m doing – fucking your teenager sister as you sit there and video me. Bet you always dreamed about filming your own little sister taking a colossal fat erection deep in her fat pussy – must be a real turn-on for a pervert like you. In fact, I’ll even let you have a copy of the clip so you can take it apartment and watch me fucking your sister over and  over again. Of course, you might be smart and just bookmark this page so you can drop back in and see homemade clip of your on sister plus scenes that other guys made of their sisters.

Damn homie – your sister had grand fucking titties too. Bet you live making clip of her colossal floppy boobs slapping around as i fuck her. This had nothing to do with you being pissed at her…. you just wanted to video your sister fucking so you could show the clip you made to all your sick fucking friends.  But then – wtf – I am the one fucking your sister as you video it.

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Fill Me With Erection

Some teens like other teens but some teens need cock and Aspen Steen is one of those teens that needs a fat cock every once in a while. And since she like coin too, she makes a fine amateur sex smut model – get some coin and a fat cock all at once. In this film, the skinny tattooed blonde stopped by so we threw her skinny ass on the couch and proceeded to fuck the shit out of her 19-year-old shaved cunt.  Download the full film on Glass Mannequin today.

fill my cunt with cock

Fill Me With Cock

Of course,, fucking a Mannequin Girl girl with pussy as sweet as Aspen’s is always fun. That said – this naughty blonde also has a fine set of natural tits and a firm round ass. Imagine yourself grabbing those awesome ass-cheeks and stuffing your own cock as deep as possible in her wet little pussy… enjoy the warm pulsation of her wet cunt as she climaxes on your cock.

Spread My Ass And Fill Me With Cock

Spread My ass And Fill Me With Cock

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Brother Takes Pics Of His Sister Fucking

When Violet broke her brother’s PlayStation she knew she would have to pay him back but she had no clue that he would be pimping her out to an older guy that made sister smut as payback on sisters that had screwed their brothers over. And she sure as hell didn’t think that her brother would be sticking around and filming her having sex. What her brother didn’t figur on was how easy it would be to get his little sister to do her first porn. Within minutes, then 4?11? teenager was getting her pussy licked as her brother filmed it.

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Ricky Pimps His Little Sister Violet

Ricky must have enjoyed filming his sister fucking because he got a lot of nice closeups of his sister’s pussy as the older guy rammed his fat erection deep in her teenager cunt.  In fact, he even made sure he caught her immense natural titties flopping around as she got hammered by the old guy’s fat erection. After watching the clip, I’m pretty sure his little sister was turned on by her brother filming her – she had at least two orgasms so it couldn’t bee all that bad. The next day, her brother called me and asked if he could get a copy of the clip – fucking perv!

Her Brother Films As The Older Man Fucks His Sister

Her Brother shoots As The Older Man Fucks His Sister

If you want to film your own sister, go to Bring Me Your Sister and fill in the contact us form.

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Teenager Camel Toe

Anistaija was one of the first amateur sex models to ever work for Glass Mannequin and she is still one of the cutest skinny teens I’ve ever known. These images of her masturbating by pulling her pink thong into her shaved little teen cunt and making a real sexy camel toe were taken a few weeks after I first met her. Her and her girlfriend had stopped by the home to chill in the hot tub and Anistaija was feeling real horny. She kept playing with her swollen clit and pierced nipples as we sat around the kitchen so I asked her if I could get the camera out and take a few images of her finger-fucking herself before we got in the hot tub. She was more than willing so I grabbed the camera, handed a shoot camera to her teen friend and we proceeded to film this cute teen playing whit her clit.

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Teen Model Anistaija Masturbates

I never could get her to take her little pink suit completely off because she said she liked the way it felt on her clit as she pulled on it – personnel I liked the sexy camel toe it was making and from the look on her face, she was enjoying it plenty. Now Anistaija is normally pretty quiet when she cums but this time she panted, gasped and threw back her blow job – rolling her eyes back in her blow job as her orgasm caused her tight little pussy to spasm uncontrollably.  Damn – I couldn’t help but imagine what it would be like to feel that on my already throbbing dick.  If you desire to see this sexy teen getting fucked then check out her hardcore smut on Glass Mannequin today.

Teen Camel Toe

Teen Camel Toe

So – I made two free picture galleries of this cute teen model where you can see her camel toe all for your self. Of course, to see all of Anistaija’s camel toe masturbation pictures, you should join Glass Mannequin – do it today and I’ll give you free access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls for the same price. Welcome to Mr. Richard’s Neighborhood ;-)

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Tessa Taylor Heats Up The Casting Couch!

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The casting couch crew struck gold with gorgeous 19 year old Tessa Taylor. She had nice and ripe perky tits and full firm ass. Unfortunately Tessa played it coy for quite a while and my boner was already hard anticipating that tight pussy of hers. Luckily Jimmy had unequaled powers of persuasion and then off comes Tessa’s top with her big juicy tits on display. I spread her legs and licked that pink shaved pussy of her before drilling it hard with my giant fat boner! unequaled things always happen in the casting couch! DOWNLOAD all the couch humping action only at!

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Blaze Burnz Lets Her Brother Film Her Fucking

Not every sister that we fuck is as willing (or wonderfully horny) as our newest sister, Blaze Burnz. Blaze’s brother Sage was pissed at her for wrecking one of his drums so he decided to pimp her out in her first ever porno movie – and yes….. this is the first porn that Blaze ever did so enjoy the nervous amateur sex mom as she takes a hard cock deep in her pussy as her brother films it. Blaze is a local alt teen that has more tattoos and piercings than most people have keys on their key-chain. She also has one of the nicest little butts and clean teen pussies that I’ve ever seen.

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Blaze Burnz Shows Her Brother Her Pussy

Now both her and her brother swear that this is the first time that he has seen his sister’s pussy but one can never know. He sure seamed more comfortable filming his sister fucking than she did letting him that close to her shaved little pussy. Of course, by the time Richard Nailder had hammered her pussy properly, Blaze was ready to go flat – but not without making plans in her own mind on how to come back and get paid again for fucking the old man. Maybe next time without her brother.

Blaze Does Her First Porn Video

Blaze Does Her First porno Video

In this picture of Blaze and her brother, she is taking a hard cock deep in her tight little pussy as her brother gets as close as he can with the camera. Lucky for us, the entire sister porno movie can be seen on Bring Me Your Sister for just a few cash. In fact, you can see dozens of sisters getting fucked for the first time on camera as their brother’s shoot them fucking. That said, not all the sisters love cock as much as Blaze – she’s a real natural when it comes to fucking on camera so expect her to return.

Blaze Burnz Cumming

Blaze Burnz Cumming

If you like these super-sexy pictures of the hard-bodied hot young mom than you are going to love the fuck-movie her brother made of her – see it all on Bring Me Your Sister today.

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Hot Blondie Gets Her Fantasies Fulfilled

We all have erotic fantasies and this hot teen blonde is not an exception. She fantasized about screwing a total stranger for a long time but never risked fulfilling that fantasy in real life. Finally, a guy paid her a visit when she was sitting disrobed on a sofa.

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She decided not to lose that chance and to trick the stud into probing her tight pussy. Sure, the lad could not say no to such a kinky and gorgeous sweetie and he happily agreed to please her desires. The full length video with a report on that xxx adventure is waiting for everybody who has the same fantasy.

Become a witness of sexual disgraces with girls next door we shot on camera!

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And Who The Fuck Doesn’t Love Froward Sex?

I guess all of us like a little good old fashioned errant sex once in a while but hell, I like it all the fucking time so I thought I’d start a blog telling bout all my errant sex adventures. For those of you that don’t know me, I’m known in the sex industry as PapaGMP – I’ve been working behind the camera for years and in front of the camera fucking cute neighborhood teenagers for the last three years. At almost 50 years old, I have underwear that’s older than some of the teens I’ve  fucked this year.  I run three hardcore websites, Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls and you can see me pounding errant teenager pussy on all three of them. Better yet, you can see all the errant neighbor teens that I’ve been fucking for the last three years. None of the teens on my sites have ever appeared on the internet prior to me convincing then the it was the “right” thing to do butterflyhaze jaydagarcia divaduz interracial xxxp lesbian outdoor teen amateur tattooed plts dildo lcm The do it because they are errant at heart and they really love sex. Here are a few pictures from my scrapbook of some of the errant teens that have had sex for my camera – some of the lucky sluts have even had sex with me ;-)

Nasty Tasha Licks Butterfly's Pussy

Nasty Tasha Licks Tattooed Butterfly’s Shaved Pussy

Tasha likes to fuck young tarts and Butterfly, with all her sexy butterfly tattoos had just turned 19 when we shot this shoot. She had been working with us for a while but she never got enough sex so this errant teenager tramp just kept coming back. Butterfly and Tasha can be seen on all three of my amateur sex smut sites: Bring Me Your Sister, Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls. Join today and get unlimited access to the exclusive content on all three amateur sex smut sites.

Teen Amateur Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Teen amateur sex Jayda Masturbates Outdoors

Jayda was introduced to me by a friend just after her 18th birthday. This errant hard-bodied Latina teenager loves the outdoors almost as much as she loves sex. In fact, ask her and she’ll tell you she loves nothing more than sex in the terrific outdoors. I have thousands of errant pictures and vids of this sexy Latina teenager on Glass Mannequin – be sure to check them all out.

Forbidden Interracial Sex

Forbidden Interracial Sex With errant Diva

I had never fucked a black teenager before I met Diva so when her brother brought her to my door in response to an add I run for Bring Me Your Sister in the local paper, I was real excited to see what it would be like to slam my mammoth schlong in her sweet black cunt. Trust me guys, my first interracial sex was as good as it gets. Diva then came back to do a good dozen hardcore, carpet-muncher, and orgy shoots for all three sites. Join one – and get full access to the all at no extra cost. So – not that I’ve introduced a few of the errant neighborhood teens that I run into ona daily basis, be sure to check out all their errant sex pictures and vids.

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Real Amateur Sex Sex

There’s something about real amateur sex sex and this teen couple is one of the cutest young teen couples I’ve ever posted on this site. Poor Ricky was having a little trouble at first keeping a cock with the cameras there but he soon got over it and hammered his giant pecker deep into his girlfriend’s tight teen cunt. This bleached flaxen loves it when her boyfriend spreads her butt cheeks and goes deep with his pecker – you can see how hard he hammers her on Real Colorado Girls so visit today.

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Watching real loves fuck one can always see both the excitement of the sex but you can also tell that they know what the other one likes. In this case, this sexy teenage teenager likes to be on top and her boyfriend knows it. In each of their dozen or so clips that this cute teen couple made for Glass Mannequin and Real Colorado Girls, Anistaija made sure that she got on top at least once – and usually more than that.

This was one of the first clips this cute Colorado teen couple ever made – but they made plenty more after this. You can see them all by joining Real Colorado Girls today.

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