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Exciting And Pleasant Awakening

Usually this teen does not sleep at daytime but that day she was so tired that she simply needed a nap. She even did not take her clothes off before falling asleep. When her boyfriend paid her a visit and saw how cute she was, he decided to wake her up with gentle kisses and massage.

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He forgot only about one thing and that was his kinky nature. Once he touched her yummy tits, he got so excited that he could not hold back from fucking his girlfriend. Luckily she loved that idea and even offered to shoot the full length photo set to enjoy those moments later on.

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Cute Natural Latina Teenager – Honey Dew

One of my members hit me up for more pictures of Honey Dew the other day so I dug through my stuff and found a few for you. Honey was one of the first 18 year old girls we ever shot for Glass Mannequin and she’s still one of my friends. In fact, with any luck, I’ll get her sister to make an appearance on Glass Mannequin. And yes, her sister is just as sexy as she is. This first picture was taken during her first studio set. She was a little nervous but the photograph are all sexy as hell. She even fingered her little shaved pussy on this set and we got a few real good closeups of her fingering her fat teen pussy.

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Honey Dew – Hot Mexican Girl amateur sex Teen

This next pis is from Honey’s first carpet-muncher video. She was a little more comfortable here so she really let go with some serious carpet-muncher cunt eating and real female orgasms for both girls. If you like hot amateur sex carpet-munchers – this clip is a must-see.

Honey Gets Her Pussy Licked

Honey Dew Gets Her Pussy Licked

And yes, Honey did do a number of  hardcore video clips for Glass Mannequin – in this clip, she’s fucking one of her boyfriends. The poor fucker had a little trouble keeping it hard but he did manage to finish. If you ask, I’ll tell you some of the funny behinds the shoots shit that happened during this clip. All in all we got some pretty good clip of this little Mexican Girl bitch and we’ve posted them on our website for you to enjoy.

Latina Girl Get's Fucked

Latina teen Honey Dew Get’s Screwed

If you hunger for to see more of Honey and her amateur sex teen friends, check out the free samples at Glass Mannequin – join today and get full access to Bring Me Your Sister and Real Colorado Girls at no aditional charge.

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Dude – All I Did Was Fuck Your Girlfriend – Get Over It!

Jezzzzzz,  some stupid fuckers just don’t get it that all teenagers need a massive pecker sometimes. bro, it’s not that she wanted to marry me, she was just tired of fucking her your petite pecker so she would stop by when you were at work and let me fuck her petite little teen pussy. In fact, after stretching her petite little cunt out to fit a real pecker, I sent the little hussy back to you so she could feel sorry for you and your petite little pecker.

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Damn – look how petite her pussy was ;-)

Damn bro, good thing the little hussy let me film me fucking her or I wouldn’t be able to share these pictures of your precious little Holie-Marie with you. She sure has a sweet little pussy – and tight as hell – at least it feels that way to a “real” pecker. Bet you can’t wait to see me stuff my fat 9? pecker deep in her little cunt. Of course, It’s only proper that I let your teen suck on my massive fucking cock before I split her wide open with it.

Poor girl almost choked on my cock

Poor teen almost choked on my cock

Of course, she’s not used to sucking on a “man-sized” pecker so she struggled getting all of my pecker in her mouth but she did do a pretty good job considering what she had to work with at place. Myabe you should loan her out to me more often so she can “practice” giving felatio to a real man.

But teenagers will be teenagers and what they really yearn for is a massive fat man-pecker deep in their little cunts – and who am I to let a lady down?

Damn - your girlfriend really does have a tiny cunt

Damn – your girlfriend really does have a petite cunt

She did moan a little as i rammed my jumbo throbbing pecker deep in her shaved little cunt but they were moans of pleasure. In fact, she was backing onto my pecker as I took this picture – special for you – you should be grateful that I’m so fucking thoughtful. If you yearn for to hear he moans, you’ll have to get your own fucking membership to cuz bro, the moaning ain’t free.

Poor girl - my big cock is hurting her - NOT!

Poor teen – my massive pecker is hurting her – NOT!

Dude – does she moan in pain as you thrust your petite little pecker in the direction of her pussy or doe she fake it – pretend she’s feeling something when you’re barely tickling the edges. Well, for reference, look closely at her face, this is the face a teen makes when her pussy is being filled with the pecker of a real man.

Your girlfriend with my fat old 9" cock deep in her tiny cunt

Your girlfriend with my fat old 9

In fact, her face is priceless when she has all 9? of my fat fucking pecker buried deep in her petite little cunt – did I say that she likes me to play with her swollen little clitoris while I fuck her? Maybe you should try that – she sure loved it when I did it – but then again, it’s probably not the same without the massive pecker banging against her cervix – but what do i know?

Now bro, don’t be gettin all butt-hurt cuz I really didn’t do your teen no harm – she was loving it the whole time. In fact, I figured you would love to see the smile on her face after I shot a jumbo load of my hot sticky cream allover her belly and little shaved pussy.

Your girl with my cum all over her belly

Your teen with my cream all over her belly

Of course, you can feel free to get a membership – then you can watch the entire shoot of me fucking your girlfriend – in fact, I’m feeling nice today so i’ll throw in a bonas membershit to my other two sites; and so you can watch all the video clips of me fuckin your little sweety.

Now thank the nice old man for taking such good cars of your teen.

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Nina Anal Firsttimer

Nubile Nina teen blonde sbj shaved xxxp

Nubile Nina is one of those eighteen year old blondes that look like innocent sweet hearts when you see them for a first time. But there are not many innocent-looking babes that you can see  doing anal sex and opening their mouths for a colossal portion of beautiful jizz. Check out this vid of Nina being a true, one hundred percent nubile slut!

Nubile Nina Anal Video

Visit to watch this whole episode.

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Welcoming Moretta!

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Everyone welcome the newest BurningAngel girl: Moretta Coxxx! She is totally adorable. Her very first shoot with BurningAngel was on our next feature, Bartenders. Strangely, her character was a girl hanging out at the bar…and she has actually never been to a bar…because she is 18. Anyway, here are her photos from the scene.

MORE ALT porno photograph HERE

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Lesbians Share Double Sided Toy!

Doing the job interview worked well last time so we set things up to try our luck again. Answering our ad for a new office assistant, Aries came in for an interview. Sexy lesbian Chanel told her right from the begining that it is a smut company and she was a bit interested on what all we did. Instead of telling her, Chanel just decided to show her! While on the tour she showed her the bed studio and Aries sat down and hinted to have Chanel show her more. The next thing we knew these hot lesbians were eating each others pussies while begging for a sex toy to use on each other. DOWNLOAD all the freaky lesbian fun ONLY at baby!
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Petite Teenager Cunt – Jayda Garcia

Brunette amateur sex Jayda Garcia is an 18-year old Colorado teenager that likes the great outdoors – and when I first saw the photograph of her stuffing a green dildo in her itty bitty teen cunt, I almost came all over myself. With 276 high def pic in the photo set, there’s enough closeup photograph of this cute amateur sex hippie teen’s itty bitty cunt for any man to get off to. In fact, there are thousands of photograph and movies of this Colorado teen’s itty bitty cunt on Glass Mannequin

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Tiny teen Cunt Stuffed With A Dildo

If you want to see more photograph and video of this girl’s itty bitty teen cunt, you need to check out the members area and get the lube and your meat out.

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